MadeinLab has accumulated
multimodal interaction technology &
embedded system know-how
through the development of various products

such as AI social robot,
home network system,
home entertainment device,
brain oxygen saturation meter and
skin diagnosis device.



enables a device to recognize user’s intentions and emotions through motion, voice, video, gesture and touch recognition to provide appropriate services.


AI Robot is a smart interaction assistant that creates an immersive user experience through facial and voice recognition technology with touch based display, camera, and 360-degree swivel base.

  • Track User's Movement
    - AI Robot can search the user's location and move in the direction of an user

  • Flexible Interface
    - Within 65cm, Detail Mode
      User interaction (Touch) available / Menu and detailed information
    - More than 65cm, Glance Mode
      AI Robot provides top information 

MadeinLab is making its AI devices available on any cloud environment.  


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